Behind the success of a store there is always a long, hectic job search, a constant drive towards all that is avant-garde. And who has the power to be fashionable and attractive to the buyer together, in tune with the times and in sync with the taste in the air that you breathe.
SDStudio s.r.l. began as a study of architecture in the design and construction of stores. Thanks to the experience gained through years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of “visual merchandising”, is able to meet the various design issues that occur in the retail space.
A team of architects and designers experience, daily engaged in addressing the needs of the market, SDStudio has meant that it has successfully imposed to guarantee the customer with a formula “contract” for the creation of their pharmacies, freeing them from any organizational commitment in the construction phase.
Technicians with trained eyes and a little’ visionaries to identify new trends, are the ingredients of a successful: intention, endless search, know-how e perseveranza.
But of course even without creativity immense good price.

How We Work

Imagine thousands of mirrors and lights, almost a constellation that shines in the name of fashion and creativity; galaxies suspended between classical architecture and futuristic design, minimalist monochromes or rainbows festive. They are the creations of that SDStudio, as windows to the future, build an irresistible invitation, a magnetic seduction. A spell that lasts forever, continually renewed by the imagination of architects, intirior design, Visual artists and lighting.
SDStudio designs and builds custom furniture offering expertise in meeting requests for technical, functional and aesthetic.
Making use of the best members specialize in hand-crafted del'arredamento and additions, the company has established itself in offering a more complete service and competitive ranging from design to assembly, from single prototype furnishing the performance of a service “Turnkey” for the realization of the works.
Thanks to sophisticated software and adequate facilities, the technical study is able to present you with your project rendering three-dimensional, offering customers the chance to see “made” the structure already in the design phase. After, part of the same team having a commercial origin, you can commission a management specifications in finding products suitable for the realization of the project.

Formula Turnkey

SDStudio avails of the formula “Turnkey” which is divided into the following phases:

1. Before designing without obligation initial discussion with the client;
2. Choice of materials (once approved the project) to be used in the realization;
3. Estimating the development cost;
4. Signing of the contract;
5. Any request for municipal permits;
6. Start of construction;
The uncompromising quality and dedication to customers are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.


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